Bronze & Glass Dragons

In 2021 I was very excited to be able to create an idea I have had for a while combining glass with bronze. 

I sculpted a wax dragon and made the glass fins, spines and wings to fit into the wax. Castle Fine Arts Foundary then cast the body in bronze for me using the ‘lost wax’ process where the original literally melts away and is replaced by bronze.

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The bronze was then patinated in blue and, when I brought it back, I re-fitted the glass to the bronze  (there is some slight variation in size during the casting process). Then I fixed the glass  to the bronze to finish my first Bronze and Glass Dragon. This one off piece I sold in November last year (2021).

Having been very pleased with the result of my original piece this winter I created a second dragon sculpture- this time from a clay like substance- and got a mould made from it.

I fitted the glass wings, spines, eyes and fins to this sculpture, this time in orange. When the patina is applied I have asked for a red orange finish to which I will fix the glass for #1 from this mould. 

The next one can be another colour, either mine or the customers choice. I will make between 15 to 20 from this mould, each can be a different colour (or combination of colours), with the glass made to fit each time- again in any colour.